The Leopard is Sri Lanka’s symbol of pride when it comes to a potential destination for wildlife travel. Sri Lanka is considered to be the best place to see the Leopard in the whole of Asia due to the thriving population in the Yala National Park and Wilpattu National Park. The Leopard is the top predator in Sri Lanka with no rivals to compete with unlike in Africa and India where Lions, Tigers and Hyenas all compete and the first two are known to kill Leopards.  The habitat that Leopards occur in are high in prey due to the numerous waterholes and vegetation’s available for their favorite meal Spotted Deer to thrive in. Leopards are known to well adapt to their surroundings and some occurring in the highlands and the rainforests are known to prey on animals ranging from shrew, deer, water monitors and even domestic animals. The chances of spotting a Leopard on a safari in Yala is almost certain specially during the early morning hours or late evenings when scent marking and territory patrol is done close to the paths taken by the jeeps. If lucky a sighting of a resting Leopard perched on a branch with its kill below is possible during the afternoon hours.  Males can weigh up to 77kg and have a body length of about 1.05m – 1.42m. Females will weigh less than half of the males.