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Your Guide to Bird Watching in Sri Lanka

Perry the Sri Lanka birdwatching tour guideAdventure Birding is a one of a kind birding company in Sri Lanka. Because we hire committed, professional naturalists to conduct our birding tours, we offer our clients more than a service. We share our passion for birdwatching in Sri Lanka in particular and nature in general with everyone who enlists our services. Our leaders are very familiar with all the bird watching locations in Sri Lanka and can help you tick as many species off your bird list.

We have more than 35 years’ experience as a birding tour operator in Sri Lanka and our team is led by one of the pioneers in birding tour operations in the country. This is why Adventure Birding is the leading ground agent for European and American birding tour operators which visit Sri Lanka. We are the agent of choice for 13 British tour operators, 2 American tour operators and many others in Sweden, Germany, Ecuador, South Africa, Russia, India, China and Hong Kong along with many birders around the world who want customized bird watching tours in Sri Lanka.

The richness and variety of Sri Lankan avifauna is known to birders the world over. Every birder who comes to our country hopes to spot all thirty-three endemic species in addition to the 381 other residential and migrant species. Thanks to the extensive field experience and knowledge of our guides, birding in Sri Lanka has become a unique experience-they know the terrain, the calls, and the silhouettes- and that’s why Adventure Birding can help serious birders fulfill their dreams.

Why tour with Adventure Birding

Our team of experts compromise of people who are passionate about Sri Lanka’s wildlife and believe in sustainable wildlife tourism in Sri Lanka.

Our 35 years’ experience in the industry gives us the edge in designing tours with the correct accommodation, transport and locations which optimize the wildlife viewing experience for the most affordable price. Nothing is too big or small when we plan your holiday with us.

Whether it is Bird Watching, Leopard Safari in Yala National Park, Blue Whale Watching, Dragonfly Tours, Cultural Tours, Photography Tours or Butterfly Tours in Sri Lanka Adventure Birding has many superb itineraries to select from. Even if you do not fancy any of our itineraries all it takes is an email to us so that you could design your own customized tour or budget tour itinerary.

Sri Lanka’s Bird Watching Experts

The dream of any birder to Sri Lanka is to spot all the thirty three endemic birds, whilst notching up a score of over 240 species of the other residential and migrant species in 2 weeks. Our top birding clients know that we live up to that dream all the time.

“If you want a memorable tour in Sri Lanka, call ‘Perry’”

That’s what over fifteen thousand satisfied birders, naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts, hobbyists, photographers, researchers or just plain holiday seekers and recreationalists who visited Sri Lanka had to say of Perry, for well over thirty years now.

This is because Perry’s handpicked team of experts know where, when and how to spot the birds. As Perry points out they have the feet that knows the terrain; they have eyes that can spot; they have ears that can pick. Essential attributes that are kept sharp by constant field exposure towards which Adventure Birding gives its unstinted attention so that touring with Adventure Birding will be a winner for the clients every time!

Bird Watching Tours in Sri Lanka

Birding in Sri Lanka

Discover Sri Lanka’s 33 Endemic Birds as our finest professionals take you on a journey of adventure throughout Sri Lanka’s birdwatching locations.

Mammal Watching Tours in Sri Lanka

Wildlife Tours in Sri Lanka

Enjoy Leopard safaris in Yala National Park, join the Minneriya Elephant gathering or go on the lookout for nocturnal species such as the Slender Loris, Giant Flying Squirrel or Indian Pangolin.

Whale & Dolphin Tours in Sri Lanka

Whale & Doplphin tours in sri lanka

Meet the oceans gentle giants as we take you in to the habitat of Blue Whales, Bryde’s Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, Risso’s Dolphins and many more marine mammals which called these waters their home.

The dream of any birder to Sri Lanka is to spot all the thirty three endemic birds, whilst notching up a score of over 240 species of the other residential and migrant species in just 2 weeks.



Adventure Birding organizes butterfly tours in Sri Lanka in accordance with the Butterfly Conservation Society of Sri Lanka rules and regulations. Our butterfly experts are highly qualified and experienced in identifying butterflies and leading these specialized tours.

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Dragonflies are dazzling insects with so many different shades of colors and forms. There are 117 species of Dragonflies in Sri Lanka out which 53 are endemic to the country. Our specialist naturalist patiently stakeout Dragonfly hotspots to show you their small but mysterious world during these Dragonfly tours.

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Location, timing, speed and luck are some key elements in planning a good wildlife photography tour in Sri Lanka. Our wildlife photography tours will help you capture memories that will last a life time.

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